About Us


Our mission is to transform existing, aged-homes, and the properties on which they sit, to better meet the needs of today’s society, while helping American homeowners tap into the value of our biggest asset - our homes.

If you are interested in helping us with our mission, we’d love to hear from you!


Priyanka and Catherine, with backgrounds in software development and residential construction, respectively, are both highly skilled product experts who recognized the vast unmet need in the residential real estate analysis space.

Working as a developer at Google, Yahoo and eBay for 18+ years, Priyanka has successfully developed and managed software product growth from zero to millions of users, with revenue in the billions.

As Founder and CEO of her own Design/Build construction company for 13 years and in leadership roles working for other Bay Area Contractors for 7 years, Catherine is skilled in all aspects of residential design and construction.

Together, Catherine and Priyanka bring deep understanding of customer behavior and are passionate about helping Americans optimize our most valuable asset, our homes.